Swan Valley Unearthed – Secret Location Dinner


The Swan Valley is just bursting with edible goodies at this time of year and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to get a group of my favourite Chef’s, musicians and artists together in a magical setting in this one off pop up dinner!
I’m keeping the location a secret but I can tell you there will be live music, a tonne of interesting characters and traditional Mediterranean food fused with indigenous Australian delights.
Anna Gare will be on hand to open the event and give her take on what she feels is special about the Swan Valley.
Dress with passion and tradition in mind.




  • Seared kangaroo tart with baba ganoush and fire roasted capsicum relish
  • Broad bean pesto and heirloom tomato bruschetta on crostini
  • Asparagus soup shots
  • Swan Valley fried olives or tapenade on crostini
  • Yabbi or Marron eclairs
  • Stuffed veal belly (Cima alla Genovese)


  • Stuffed zucchini flowers, buffalo mozzarella and anchovy
  • Smoked trout with, lemon myrtle infused goats milk yoghurt, crushed native pepper-berry and Anna’s fantabulous salad
  • Emu dumplings in broth
  • Grass- fed sirloin roast, rubbed in a desert spice sliced at the table
  • Swan Valley Asparagus with shaved truffle infused pecorino and this seasons olive oil
  • Charred corn on the coals, herb butter


  • Kato’s Swan Valley fruitopian ice-cream flavours served with their famous doughnuts
  • Cheese board with desert raisin relish and finger lime jam  and macadamia nut bread