Rich Beef Tongue Taco

When I’m cooking there’s nothing more exciting than experimenting with a new ingredient and although tongue cant be considered ‘new’, cooking it in this fashion brings it up to date and tasty as hell! This dish does takes time so I suggest doing it on your weekend. My advice, let your guests try the dish before you tell them what’s in it! They’ll thank you later for the experience.


5 bay leaves
5 native pepperberries or peppercorns
1 tspn chili flakes
1 tspn cumin seed
1 tspn cloves
a good pinch of salt
4 garlic cloves
2 brown onions
Water to cover for braising
Tacos soft or hard (personally I like the crunch factor with this dish)

  1. Place the beef tongue in a slow cooker or if cooking in an oven, place in a braising pot and cover with water.
  2. Add the chilli flakes, cumin seeds, cloves, onion slices, garlic, and bay leaf. Season with salt. Cover and cook on Low (if cooking in oven 140c) overnight or 8 hours.
  3. Remove the tongue from the braising liquid and wait till its cooled before peeling off the skin and shredding the meat.
  4. The tongue is amazingly flavoursome and will fall apart, it also stops looking like a bodily organ at this stage which helps!

Beef Tongue Taco recipe _ The Humane Foodist

Prepare your taco ingredients:

Everyone has their own favourite sides with tacos, just keep it fresh and zingy with this meat.

I like the following sides for this type of taco:

  • avocado salsa with lime, tomato and red onion all diced
  • sour cream and chilli jam
  • fresh coriander
  1. Once all the condiments are prepared (which can be done in advance if you’re entertaining) we want to reheat the meat.
  2. In a frypan cook off a nob of butter with a dash of olive oil and sautee the shredded meat until a little crispy.
  3. Heat your tacos in the oven then add meat, sour cream/ chilli jam and top with avocado salsa and fresh coriander. Putting the sauce on second lets it combine with the meat better. Enjoy!