Feast on the Bay a delight

Broome Advertiser – September 2016

Broome’s movers and shakers made their way to the Mangrove Hotel for the Feast on The Bay recently.

The banquet was on August 10, but sold out a week beforehand as locals rushed to grab a place to meet guest celebrity chef Caroline Taylor, known for her “humane foodist” theme and Swan Valley cuisine.

Numerous lanterns and strings of light bulbs created a relaxed atmosphere as attendees met to socialise, listen to live music provided by musician Dave Mann, and partake in the tasting of Sandalford wine, as well as Matilda Bay’s Lazy Yak beer.

(Robert Dougherty – Broome Advertiser 1.8.2016)

Valley Service

Scoop Magazine Spring 2015

Swan Valley darling Caroline Taylor, of Taylor’s Art and Coffee House, shares her favourite foodie treasures found in the vine-lined region, which she calls ‘Perth’s pantry’.

Spring is such an exciting time for me in the Swan Valley! Our garden at Taylor’s Cafe is bursting with greens, herbs, veggies and beautiful flora after being carefully tended by my brother Michael and Gardner Ian over the harsh summer/ winter months. It’s always a special treat to share new products and produce from this region, I like to think of us as Perth’s pantry and rural playground so here are some ideas to spice up your menu ideas or upcoming party food!

I can’t tell you how excited we get in the Taylor’s kitchen every year when Alf from Edgecombes drops in the new season Asparagus. As a chef eating and creating menus seasonally and from the region really keeps our passion alive. Grill or blanch quickly, add Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil, black pepper and you’re away!!

This family is quintessentially Swan Valley and have an amazing property on the river where they grow all kinds of goodies. So when they
dropped off this bottle of grape liquid gold we went to town on our homemade cakes with it. My favourite; fig, ricotta and almond tea cake
drizzled with Vinocotto. Sylvia walks to the cafe so she can enjoy without guilt 😉

Andreas’ family moved their business out to the Swan Valley 10 years ago and his father has always inspired me with his gorgeous desserts. It’s amazing to see a family business authentically producing this stunning product and committed to using local ingredients, the macadamias are from Baldivis! Yay 🙂 perfect for Thank you gifts or after dinner treats!

On a health kick? Well Honeys ain’t Honeys let me tell you! If you’re after some of the healing benefits from this natural nectar you need to look for active ingredients still available to your body. Find your Jarrah honey at House of Honey with off the charts TA + 30 . Add it to your salad dressings with a local ev olive oil, teas, green smoothies or raw bliss ball recipes. You can be naughty and have it on bread and butter too though ;)!

We use these awesome cold pressed juices at our cafe but recently they’ve been experimenting with nut milk, more specifically Tiger Nut Milk. Now before you call international animal protection on me this is actually made from the tuber family (yams etc) which is even better for people with nut allergies. The boys are making this milk (aka Horchata) from an ancient recipe from Valencia, Spain and it has a sweet, earthy and vanilla flavour. Alternative milks are undeniably popular (and necessary) at the moment, fresher is always better and you don’t get fresher than these boys!

Red quinoa and berry brekky pots

Handmade raw/ vegan products are fast becoming part of our regular diets but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour. Beth Cohen started her breakfast pots to satisfy her discerning tastes and has since created an absolute ripper of a breakfast treat. Red quinoa and Berry is made with fresh almond milk (I’ll let her know about the tigernut milk;) mixed berries, raw honey and topped with coconut cream and toasted peacans. Yumbo!

This award winning Ice creamery has been supplying us with their Royal Show Titan vanilla ice cream for over 10 years. But if you’re chasing a twist, they’ve got you covered with Salted Caramel Cashew and Creme Brûlée flavours. With 30 years experience You can trust this ice cream dream team to be the hero at dessert time!