Gluten Free chocolate brownies

1.5kg dark choc buttons
1.5kg butter
24 eggs
4Tbs vanilla
2kg caster sugar
700g LSA
360g almond meal


This amount will fill 1 large tray + ½ size tray at a 5cm thickness

  • melt butter and choc in microwave for 2 min
  • beat eggs and vanilla and sugar together
  • mix butter and choc to combine then pour into egg mix and combine
  • add LSA and almond meal then pour into lined small square baking tin and top with nuts of your fancy
  • Bake at 200 until only a little bit wobbly, but mostly cooked through

Cut into 3 along the long side and 4 along the short side.
Don’t tip out upside down or else the top layer will crumble and fall of, so lift out with the baking paper lining.

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